I would define myself as a quite ambitious and nonconformist person, I’m always finding new goals to reach and also working for them. I don’t rest until something is done the better it can be. Well, that’s my nature but sometimes I’ve to control myself and be flexible.

Adventure could be my second name. I was a really curious child, very creative and with a lot of imagination. Now I’m older but this is still the same. When I discover a new place, I always go exploring it. I try to live as much as new experiences as I can, and the crazier they are, the better.


My biggest goal in life, although it isn’t very clear, is to work with passion in something that makes the future better. I want to find new ways of doing things. I’m really committed with the world and its people and I think I have the responsibility to use my life to make a positive impact in the society.


I’ve always had a lot of passions. I’ve been eleven years practicing Taekwondo, a lot of time and effort spent in it. Then I fell in love with books, I enjoyed reading very much.

There was a time I really got interested in sport. I started running and competing in races, and also I did a lot of workout. It made me feel great and full of energy. Soon after, I left room for a new passion: artistic photography


I am involved in something called LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation). It’s hard to explain but I’m going to do it the best I can. It’s supposed to be a university degree but, actually, the less we do is study. It’s a little bit more practical. We create a company since the beginning and our mission is to develop it through projects form our passions.

My company is called SOLID, and I’ve founded it with another 15 people. Our aim is to be the answer to all the needs we see around us. We have all kind of different projects, since feminist skate tournaments, international eSports competitions and art exhibitions. We’ve done a lot of things since we started, but there’s a long way to come.


Here you can see some of my best pictures. You can check them all in Flickr and Instagram, where I post top ones.

Also I had a time I got interested in filmmaking. Here are the results: Watch Daiteke’s videos.


If you got interested in my projects, don´t doubt and contact me right here: ander@solidbilbao.com

Hope you’ve known me better and you have enjoyed!